Lucas & Arthur Jussen

Masterly and fascinating

Thursday 8 November 2012

Eindhovens Dagblad
Lucas and Arthur Jussen piano recital.
Performed in Eindhoven, Muziekgebouw, 6 November.
by Cornélie Hoendervanger

From an early age, the prodigies Lucas (b. 1993) and Arthur (b. 1996) Jussen from Hilversum were put on the great stages. But they still managed remained ‘normal’ lads, who also loved football and pop music. Arthur is still in school and Lucas is studying with the American pianist Menahem Pressler. They are now entering the real pianists’ circuit, and on Tuesday they gave a recital in the ‘Pour le Piano’ series at the Eindhoven Muziekgebouw.
The brothers have superlative skills and played with unadorned musicality and natural ease. Lucas played a beautiful and flowing interpretation of Schumann’s Abegg variations. His Appassionata by Beethoven still lacks dramatic maturity, but his intense concentration was remarkable. Arthur played exceptionally poetic Papillons by Schumann, finely elaborated Rachmaninoff preludes, and exciting Balkan Dances by Tajčević. They were masterly and fascinating.
The brothers began and ended the concert at the grand piano together, side by side on one bench. Their duet performance revealed a dazzlingly high level. The wildly enthusiastic listeners, including noticeably many young people, went practically crazy.
The Jussens are in a good position to create a bridge to the youth. They are ‘cool’ and have a charismatic stage presence. Their performances could spread like ‘classical wildfire’ among the young. Once the older folks in the concert hall have departed, a new generation of piano lovers will be ready to take their place.

Masterly and fascinating
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