Lucas & Arthur Jussen

Brilliance and genius

Thursday 21 February 2013

Lucas Jussen has already won numerous awards. Performing at the Neues Theater in Emden, his audience was at times left in breathless amazement.

By Werner Zwarte
Ostfriesen Zeitung – February 18th, 2013

EMDEN – The classical music concert series in Emden has provided yet another jewel. On Saturday, the 80-member strong Noord Nederlands Orkest Groningen gave a concert performance at the Neues Theater in Emden, in which musical vigor was mixed with the brilliance and genius of a 19-year-old “wunderkind” at the piano. Approximately 500 listeners enjoyed an evening worthy of larger venues in major cities. (…)
Multiple award-winning pianist Lucas Jussen is only 19 years old and he plays as if he was born with a piano. With long blond hair, lanky and in tails, the young man not only displayed technical perfection in Emden, but, accompanied by the powerful orchestra, played with a sensitivity that at times elicited breathless amazement in the audience. Like an ad-lib introduction, seeming to be an improvisation, the sounds of the piano merged with the orchestra playing the main theme, with a beautifully soft accompaniment by the horns. It featured sound groups in juxtaposition with each other, leading to an effect of choirs within the orchestra. And always the theme by the piano, at times sounding playful, at other times dominant, finally flowing into the festive rondo. It was a more than masterful presentation. The audience was swept away and even before the intermission the applause was rewarded with an encore by the artist. (…)

Brilliance and genius
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