Lucas & Arthur Jussen

Lucas Arthur Jussen announce their new album

Friday 15 January 2021

The Russian Album is the seventh album by Lucas and Arthur Jussen on the renowned Deutsche Grammo-
phon label.

Lucas Arthur Jussen announce their new album

The Russian Album is the seventh album by Lucas and Arthur Jussen on the renowned Deutsche Grammo-
phon label. The pianists selected compositions for two pian os by Russian masters Dmitri Shostakovich, Ser-
gei Rachmaninov Igor Stravinsky and Anton Arensky. Their aim was to capture the essence of Russian mu-
sic with its unique character, timbre and energy. The compositions reflect some turbulent episodes in Rus-
sia n history. As Lucas explains: The romantic aspect is paramount to m any admirers of Russian music but
there is always another dimension. The feelings of anxiety and oppression are continually present in Shosta-
kovich’s work, even when the music itself sound s cheerful. And whilst Rachmaninov’s music can emanate
pure beauty, it’s pervaded with that nostalgic feeling of homesickness. That is the magic of Russian music.”
brothers have had the idea for The Russian Album for quite some time, but they decided to wait until
they both had sufficient focus and time to study the music. When their concerts were cancelled due to the
outbreak of the Covid 19 virus the opportunity to get properly stuck in the music presented itself. The
music is so powerf ul it affects you physically. After three days of recording we literally felt the fatigue and
pain in our bodies,” Arthur comments.
The album’s cover was inspired by the famous painting Colour study: Squares with Concentric Circles by the
Russian artist W assily Kandinsky, a contemporary of the composers on this album. In their younger days the
brothers always had a book on modern art on view on their piano. During practi ce we always saw that
book. And during the recording sessions the relationship between Russian music and colour finally became
clear to us,” Arthur says. Kandinsky always insisted that there is a close similarity between music and col-
our. Like each colour, each note has its specific quality and essence. And when those notes or colours star t
to interact something special happens in the human soul. And that is exactly what we are aiming for. After
all, a touch of colour in our lives can help us during these dark hours,” Lucas adds.

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